The Auto-Powered Super Spinning Card


Thank you very much for checking out this effect!

The video below shows the gimmick in action. 

Be CAREFUL NOT TO OVERWIND as it could break the elastic!



1. Remove the covers on the double sided tape

2.  Secretly wind-up the gimmick

3. Perform

There are a number of ways to perform the effect. After winding it up, (around 7 or 8 full turns), each hand can be shown empty by transfering the card from hand to hand.  When ready, lay the card on the palm horizontally, or stick it to the fingers for a vertical magic spin.  

In the "Invisible Axle Variation" (see video) both hands come up together holding the card between the fingertips.  In this way the speed can also be controlled, and the spectator is less inclined to believe the card is stuck to the fingers, as the magic is happening between the hands.


The table top spin was discovered by accident when the card fell to the floor and continued to spin!  It must be thrown down quickly or it will unwind in the air.

Hope you enjoy!




Video coming soon


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Update #1:  A Longer Spin

Here's a way to get the card to spin for longer, although its probably not practical enough for serious use. 

The idea is to add additional wheels and wind each one up sequentially.

It works, but the gimmick ends up thicker and it takes longer to wind it up (as each part must be wound up separately)

See the video below for this interesting construction:


Update #2:  The Float and Spin Hookup

Using a line of invisible thread, the card can hover and spin at the same time!

First you will need to modify the gimmick slightly so it can hang on the line of thread.  The video below shows how to do it.  It can also hang on a pencil!


Stay tuned for more updates!