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Hollow decks are a great place to hide a small object and have many magical uses! 

Standard Bicycle cards

All cards are loose (not glued together)

A few cards are left uncut to cover the top and bottom

magic hollow deck

Bicycle Blue

hollow deck red magic

Bicycle Red

Magic Bicycle Deck Cards

Bicycle Black


Circle-Cut Hollow Decks

magic circle hollow deck Bicycle
Bicycle Black circle hollow


Square-Cut Hollow Decks

Spy safe Bicycle square hollow cards
Bicycle square hollow deck
ultra hollow cards magic

Ultra Hollow Decks

hollow Deck playing cards safe
Black Bicycle hollow deck cards
Red magic Bicycle Ultra Hollow Deck
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Special Interest Hollow Decks

magic hollow deck narrow Devano
Bicycle hollow large square magic
bee hollow deck cards blue magic


Bee Hollow Deck - blue back

bee magic hollow deck spy safe


Bee Hollow Deck - red back



Solid Deckbox

Makes a great gift!

Magic Deck Box cut hollow
deck box2.jpg


Hollow Pivoting Deck

A Mimesis Magic idea

In this variation, the cards are attached together but the deck remains fluid!