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The Fellini Flying Fork


I've always loved the Hummer Card - more accurately called Bob Hummer's Whirling Card.  Amazing to think it was marketed over 75 years ago (in the middle of WW2) and continues to be widely performed to this day.  Part of the attraction is that its beauty transcends the method.  Even those who know how it works still enjoy the visual of a card spinning in gyroscopic tranquility. 


And it's accessible - a single line of thread, a bit of putty or wax...even magicians who usually avoid threadwork will spare the minute or two to set up, often on the spur of the moment.  (Perhaps an even better option, although I haven't tried it yet, is to always be hooked up and ready to go - a position made practical with JoeJoe's Super Spinner System, which I believe he still generously shares with the magic community for free.)


Here I present The Fellini Flying Fork, with credit to Bob Hummer, and a big Thank You to James George for his support.

Effect:  The magician picks up a fork from the dinner table and in a moment of pure recklessness, sends it spinning through the air where it remains magically hovering and spinning until it is caught by the other hand.  

Secret:  To set this up requires three special items.  A chrome-plated plastic fork, invisble thread, and poster putty (sticky tac). 

Lightweight imitation cutlery that appears to be metal - but is actually plastic - can now be found in most discount shops or kitchen supply stores.  The forks by Mozaik are nice quality and inexpensive.

Prepare a single strand of invisible thread.  Using a small piece of sticky tac (poster putty) secure one end of the thread to the center back of the fork (in the groove). 








The other end of the thread attaches to the ear or hat (same setup as the Hummer Card)





You are now ready to give that fork a whirl!

Even though the attachment is on the underside of the fork it does not have to be spun upside down - it will spin the same "face-up" or "face-down" !



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