Modern effects, including animations, levitations, transformations, and more!

Solar Wind, or, The Perpetual Floating Card


A magical display object

"This is really neat. I love it"

 Chris Wasshuber

Fingertip Standing Card

The Best NON-FLOATING Card Trick Ever!

This can be used as a magic mystery, a demonstration of balancing skill, or as a quick joke while you reach into your pocket for something with your other hand.

No thread!


*Not examinable*

Includes Gimmick and Instructions



Top Glide

Out of Stock

Download available at Penguin Magic


"This is an amazing gimmick!"

 Levi Magic

Spectator selects ANY CARD.  Place it on top of the deck and watch it spin!  Hand it out afterwards!

No switches, no sleight of hand

On Sale! 50% off !

$10.00 ! for a limited time

Includes Gimmick in Bicycle Red or Blue

and instructions



A card is removed from the deck. It is held at a 45 degree angle to the top card.  Letting go, the card remains hovering, instantly hinged to the card below, and defying gravity!

Magnetic Balance Cards






                Limited Edition




Motorized Micro Card Spinner




The Big Bang Revisited




coming soon

Coming Soon

Sliders, Gliders, Spinners, and Flyers (Book)

Cloud Nine Card Rise - Sneak Peek here

Suddenly Aces

Static Cling Deck

Motorized Vertical Hummer Card

Animated Elevator Card

Vortex Static Hover

"I am delighted you are finally making your ideas available...! I am really interested in your offbeat visual approach to the use of gimmicks in card magic."

Joe McKay

Super Card Warp 5000

An impossible card reversal!

Magic Elevator Card

coming soon

Vertical Card Spinning

Starry Night

Magical Display Card

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