"The Solar Floating Cardcase looks absolutely magical! You just can't see anything and it looks so amazing! I love mine!"                                                                                                                                                                                      Angelo Carbone

     A cardbox hovers above a pack of cards without any visible means of support!

Based on the original Solar Wind Floating Card, the secret lies between the cards and the cardbox, but is very difficult to see - and yes, there really is an invisible force at work!




-Full Gimmick: set it up on any desk, shelf, or other surface to display

-Easy Set-up video: sets up in just 3 seconds!

-Access to the original 2018 Solar Wind Floating Card construction guide (approximately 12 pages)

-"Further Thoughts" section including other design ideas such as the new Magic Wobble variation, and the Standing Floating Card


Includes 30-day Replacement Warranty:  If your floating cardbox breaks within the first 30 days, please send it back for a free replacement 

                                         *contains magnets*

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