The Perpetual Floating Card

          Held aloft in a delicate balance...

Dont touch it and it could last for years!

The Perpetual Floating Card is a magical display object that sits on a desk, table, or shelf - a card hovers above the pack...and just keeps on hovering!




Is the method invisible?  It depends on the surface, the background, and the lighting. With it set up on a dark surface it is very difficult to see the mechanism, even from a couple of feet away, under normal lighting.  By choosing the lighting conditions, and the background, it is possible to make it more invisible.  However, the method is not 100% invisible.

Hard to Build!  Some of the steps require good eyesight, fine motor coordination, and patience.  Only recommended for the highly crafty.  Also, some special materials are involved...


*Aside from standard arts and crafts materials some special materials must be purchased online*(Around $20)


Although it is very fragile, if it is handled minimally, and left in a safe spot, there is no reason why it shouldn't continue to float for a very long time - perhaps years!

Instructions Only   C$10.00                                          




Fully-Assembled   C$100.00

*Includes 30-day FREE replacement if it breaks during setup

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