The Perpetual Floating Card

          Held aloft in a delicate balance...

Dont touch it and it could last for years!

The Perpetual Floating Card is a magical display object that sits on a desk, table, or shelf - a card hovers above the pack...and just keeps on hovering!










Is the method invisible?  It depends on the surface, the background, and the lighting. With it set up on a dark surface it is very difficult to see the mechanism, even from a couple of feet away, under normal lighting.  By choosing the lighting conditions, and the background, it is possible to make it more invisible.  However, the method is not 100% invisible.

Hard to Build!  Some of the steps require good eyesight, fine motor coordination, and patience.  Only recommended for the highly crafty.  Also, some special materials are involved...



Although it is fragile, if it is handled minimally, and left in a safe spot, there is no reason why it shouldn't continue to float for a very long time - perhaps years!

FRAGILE:  Includes 3 month replacement warranty 


A guaranteed crowdpleaser on the magic shelf!

                                         *contains magnets*




-Full Gimmick

Set it up on any desk, shelf, or other surface to display

-Easy Set-up video: sets up in just 3 seconds!

-Access to the original 2018 Solar Wind Floating Card construction guide (approximately 12 pages)

-"Further Thoughts" section including other design ideas such as the new Magic Wobble variation and the Solar Wind Standing Floating Card


Face-up court card variation


Black Tiger variation

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