The Perpetual Floating Card

*Temporarily unavailable*

          Held aloft in a delicate balance...

Dont touch it and it could last for years!

The Perpetual Floating Card is a magical display object that sits on a desk, table, or shelf - a card hovers above the pack...and just keeps on hovering!




Is the method invisible?  It depends on the surface, the background, and the lighting. With it set up on a dark surface it is very difficult to see the mechanism, even from a couple of feet away, under normal lighting.  By choosing the lighting conditions, and the background, it is possible to make it more invisible.  However, the method is not 100% invisible.

Hard to Build!  Some of the steps require good eyesight, fine motor coordination, and patience.  Only recommended for the highly crafty.  Also, some special materials are involved...


*Aside from standard arts and crafts materials some special materials must be purchased online*(Around $20)


Although it is very fragile, if it is handled minimally, and left in a safe spot, there is no reason why it shouldn't continue to float for a very long time - perhaps years!

Temporarily unavailable

What happened to Solar Wind?   

Solar Wind is slowly morphing into Solar 2, the performance version.  While the original Solar Wind was intended only as a stationary magic art display, with Solar 2, the same principle is used but also allows the magician to remove the deck from a cardcase, even give it a few shuffles, before demonstrating the impossible!  The top card is lifted off and remains floating above the deck.  Spectators can look directly underneath the floating card and won't see anything!  After the levitation the card is lowered back to the top of the deck, and the deck is quickly boxed and put away in a furtive and suspicious manner...

A floating card unlike any other!

Available soon

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